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Create a modern and attractive online store today in 30 minutes. Follow our step-by-step guide and start selling online.


Ecommerce potential of Borbla

Borbla's features for online stores creation

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Online store in 1 day 

Create an online store today. You will get a full-fledged e-commerce website with a product catalog, content, and SEO settings. Just choose a template for your website from our templates collection and start working. Make sure how easy it is to build a website on Borblo.

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Orders management

All information about your clients' orders is collected carefully in your account's "Orders" section. You can set up email or Telegram notifications to let you or staff know when a customer makes an order.

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Ready-made templates

There are about 300 website templates in our collection. You may choose any of them to create an online store. Moreover, our templates are suitable for any business idea you have. And they automatically adapt to any screen size so that your store displays correctly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Store on top

With SEO settings for product and category pages, your site will quickly rank high in Google. Our SEO tools include meta tags, alt tags, keywords, friendly URLs, and an SSL certificate for all websites you have.

How to create an online store:


Choose a ready-made template and customize it

The "Online Store" category contains website templates with a ready-made structure and blocks. Choose the ones that suit you the most. To customize the template, change its color palette, fonts, and buttons styles. If you need more blocks and pages, add them by clicking on the relevant button in the site builder editor


Fill your site with products

Each product has its own web page, which is called a product card. On Borbla, you may add to your online store as many product cards as you wish. Your next step is writing a text to describe the product's key features and upload its images or video reviews. After that, you need to indicate the product's name, article, price, and status on the product card.For each one, specify the main category. Remember, though, that one product can be located in different categories.


Set up the payment process

You can change the order form to make it more suitable for your needs. We also recommend connecting a payment service to the site so that the client can pay for the goods online. At this stage, it is worth specifying the price format and currency (depending on the region) and setting up notifications about new orders by email or Telegram.


Design your Homepage

Add a product block to the main page. Choose the most suitable product to display there. It may be bestsellers or new, unusual items.
You may custom product blocks by adding unique backgrounds, sliders, or animations.
You can also add a discount offer to the Homepage to attract customer's attention and motivate them to purchase your products.


Publish and Promote

Your online store is ready to publish! Tell the world and all of your potential customers about your store, start promoting it. First, link your website to Google My Business and specify a service region: that will help to increase your store's visibility in Google. Your second step is setting up paid ads, targeted advertising, and content marketing. These tools help attract more customers in no time, but you need to learn how to use them.

Just 5 steps to first order

1. Add products to the catalog

Open the site settings and add basic information about your product: its name, description, price, and a few photos.

2. Place a block with products on the site

Use one of the ready-made blocks with a list of products:● Easy to choose a product● Simple to replace added products● Quick to customize: add background, tabs, and slider

3. Your client selects products

● Previews the product details
● Adds products to the shopping cart
● Specifies the number of items
● Leaves shipping address and contact details

4. Process the order

Contact the client to confirm order details, then receive the payment, and ship the products. Change the order status while you are processing it to have full control of your business.

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